Longitudinal Ethnography

Emerse Research and Development

Consumers are not often consciously aware of their own behaviors and patterns.  Observational research allows one to observe actual usage, revealing unarticulated frustrations or delights.  No moderator, no videographer, just real life.

We customize our approach based on the environment and your research objectives.  We are where the consumer is.   Our longitudinal studies bring you the consumer experience for days, weeks, or months at a time.

The purpose of this service is to videotape consumers in their natural environment over an extended period of time without the influence of a moderator or videographer.  This methodology is particularly useful when the client has a need to observe routines (exploratory research), behavior changes (product / prototype testing), or understanding sensory cues and environmental influences.

  • Unguarded consumer behavior and feedback
  • Witness consumer behavior change over time and accommodate to new product placement
  • Explore disconnects between what consumers do and what they say they do